Our Build Process

Our Build Process


Initial email, phone call, instagram message. 


We then introduce ourselves, and ask to schedule a phone conversation, where we can discuss your project in more detail and make sure we are the right builder for you.


Once we schedule our conversation , we will talk about what you are hoping to achieve, how we can help, discuss any objections or concerns you have, where you are based, what is your budget for a project like this? Once we have determined we are the right fit we would suggest arranging a meeting. 


The meeting will take place at your property and will take 30-60 mins. We will discuss your plans you already have or discuss arranging your designs for you. We will discuss the scope of work for your project and your budget to make sure they line up. 


If your plans do not meet your budget we will discuss either lowering the scope of works or raising the budget. If we are pre planning we will discuss a build to suit your budget. Once we are happy your scope of works meets your budget, we either arrange our architect to design your plans or you instruct your architect to design your plans. This eliminates architects drafting up plans which are way higher than the customers budget. 


The next step would be agreeing our fee, and signing our agreement so we can can get started providing a fixed price proposal , which is within your budget.


Once we provide our proposal which is within your discussed budget, we send our agreement over for the contract value. Customer signs our agreement, and a start date is set.