5 Ways to Increase Property Value

1. Convert existing garage to living space-15% Value

Nowadays garages arent used to house a car as the modern day car will not usually fit into a standard garage, so for this reason most families end up hoarding old belongings. So it makes sense to clear this space out and convert it. 

Your first step should be to check if your garage is suitable for a conversion and whether you need planning permission. In most cases the work involved would fall under permitted developement, so you wont need planning consent, but always check with your local planning authority.

2. Wrap Around Kitchen Extension-15% Value

A Wrap Around extension runs adjacent to the kitchen in a typical semi detached house. Extending the kitchen into the side and to the full width width of the property means you gain valuable space and can also improve the layout.

A single story wrap around extension will usually be classed as a permitted developement, provided you meet certain restrictions and conditions. For example, it must be no more than 4m high and no wider than half width of the original house.

You still need to comply with building regulations, and work will be inspected at key stages of the build, either by local authority building department or by approved independent inspector. Once your extension is finished, and you will be given a completion certificate. 

Loft Conversion-15% Value

An extra bedroom can add up to 15% to the value of your home, especially if its a loft conversion with an en suite bathroom. Most lofts cab be converted, but its worth getting an architect or builder to check before you start. 

Once you start planning , youll need to get to grips with the types of conversions available. Options range from a roof light conversion, which needs the least amount of structural work and so is the most cost effective, to a more expensive mansard conversion. Here, one or both slops of the roof are replaced with steeper sides and an almost flat roof. 

Mansard conversions generally need planning permission, but there is a good way to achieve maximum space and within permitted developement rights. Its called a Dormer loft conversion,  With dormer loft conversions, dormer windows are added to increase the volume of the roof space while providing full head height. Dormers are usually added to the rear, and 1 or 2 roof windows added to the front . Following a loft conversion, the additional space can be used as an additional bedroom or two, a study or home office, a separate bathroom or a nursery. Or you can consider adding an en-suite or separate dressing room attached to a master bedroom.

4. Apply for Planning 

If your thinking of buying a property and adding to its value through extensions or major improvements, check whether your likely to get planning permission, after all , yeild calculations based on a square footage are worthless if you cant get it. 


5. Adding a down stairs w.c-5%

Now, you might be thinking that you’ll have to start adding extensions to your house in order to accommodate the new toilet however you actually don’t need to worry about this in most cases. If, for example you have a decent amount of space available under the stairs then this would be perfect . Adding a down stairs w.c not only will it convinience the whole family, it can add up to 5%  value to the property.