Variations Process

Variations/additional work/alterations/extras

These are all very common phrases among the construction industry, those of you who already have had home alterations or extensions will know this but those who have not then this content will shed some light. While renovating your home or building an extension whether its for a kitchen or just extra living space, there will inevitably be unforeseen jobs, (example drain pipes under where we need to dig foundations for a new extension).  Or as the jobs progresses the customer would like to make changes or add additional work (changing laminate flooring for tiles) this comes under what we call a variation. Now in the industry there is a massive grey area over variations and hidden costs for the customer, so we have a variation process to eliminate all the awkwardness and not knowing where you stand. 

Our measures start at the initial client meeting where we discuss setting a maximum variation limit of £400. So any variations up to the approved limit will not require client sign off. Example (we strip the bathroom tiles for a complete renovation and the existing flooring is rotten and needs replacing.)  As the cost would fall under the agreed limit we would proceed with the job and organise replacing the floor.

We will also pre emphasis the top 3 main areas of variations and highlight them at the pricing stage. 

If any variations arise or the client wishes to upgrade or change a job specification then we would provide an estimate for the works, if deemed significant by the client based on value, scale,impact on the project, we would take the request to our estimators who would contact the necessary sub contractors, provide a quotation and email it to the client

No variation shall proceed without  Client sign off and there complete understanding of the nature, scale, impact and reasons for the variation.

We will also notify the client once the variation has been completed. 

All variations will be invoiced for weekly, as so there is no large hidden bill after the project is complete.